The worst moving experience! I would rate zero, minus or negative if I could!!!! The company used the excuse of the typhoon to cut the numbers of movers to only 3 people! The 2 to 3-hour moving process extended to around NINE hours 9:30 to 18:00, to complete our move! The flat we moved from is only 700sq/ft, with the amount of possessions for my husband and me, with a usual amount of furniture. The movers were not professional, they did not pack the items very well, even though we paid an extra fee for the so-called “Package service”, they just poured out all my belongings into numerous disgusting, dirty, vile reusable baskets! The baskets were disgusting. We found one basket had CENTIPEDE in it! It was totally unacceptable, how dirty those baskets were! The company even added on the price of the quote on the moving day as their boss Ben didn’t do the quotation thoroughly!I never used a moving company that used such disgusting, dirty, vile baskets instead of cardboard boxes for moving! It is poor hygiene! The packers use parchment papers to wrap or separate your valuable belongings! Terrible experience! Don’t use this company! It was a TRAP! UNSCRUPULOUS PROFITEERS!

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